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Acumatica – The Most Advanced Warehouse Inventory Management Software

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What is Acumatica WMS?

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a software solution that supports both simple and complex essential processes of warehouse management. The warehousing processes include receiving, storing and tracking inventory, retrieving inventory through picking and packing, shipping orders, and reporting on shipment accuracy. Then there is communication with the transport supplier, who is responsible for supplying materials and shipping orders.

With WMS, these core processes are fully automated and managed using a role-based dashboard. When purchased as part of a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, WMS takes warehouse management to the next level by storing and synchronizing data from WMS and other models. – Other ERP modules. Such as accounting, customer resource management and human resources in a centralized database.

This real-time, accurate, and company-wide access to data in a single cloud-based system delivers the ability to accomplish forecasting, analytics, compliance, and planning tasks, to optimize warehouse performance and drive improvement.

The Need for Acumatica WMS 

Most Acumatica customers with medium or large warehouses often use an external (3rd party) inventory management system to support operations with inventory items using barcode scanners. So the release of Acumatica ERP 2019 R1 introduces brand new WMS functionality built right into your core cloud accounting system and available in web and mobile versions of Acumatica ERP. No installation, external software integration or middleware to manage. This makes the management and operation of the warehouse more secure.

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5 Key Features and Benefits

Acumatica WMS is software that helps you accurately and efficiently manage your advanced warehouse needs across sales distribution, merchandising, manufacturing, retail and other industries. Here are some key features and benefits of Acumatica – The Most Advanced Warehouse Inventory Management Software.

Key Features and Benefits
Key Features and Benefits
  1. Minimize errors

Scanning barcodes and correctly verifying selected items eliminates excess or missing shipments and the risk of shipping incorrect items. Mistakes in order fulfillment often lead to costly returns and unsatisfied customers.

  1. Improve efficiency through automation

Acumatica – The Most Advanced Warehouse Inventory Management Software automates process-driven physical picking, packing, receiving, dropping, shipping, and counting tasks with custom form modes and workflows. Not only does this increase productivity and throughput, but it also eliminates the risk of potential errors due to manual entry or skipping important steps.

  1. Simplicity and flexibility

Pre-printed smart scan sheets allow warehouse staff to perform all necessary system interactions with just one scanner. For example, sheet scanning includes commands such as complete shipment, next or previous box, and remove unnecessary items. Audio and visual alerts provide immediate feedback when scanning incorrect items or more than the unit purchased.

  1. Support tracking item’s batch number and serial number

Serial and batch numbers are scanned and printed on pick-up lists and packing slips, thus minimizing errors in what was selected and in transit.

  1. EDI Support

Advanced Fulfillment works with third-party EDI software for full EDI compliance, including 856 Advance Send Notices (ASNs), to facilitate electronic communication of the contents of a shipment.

Warehouse automation is supported

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With Acumatica Warehouse Management, you can automate warehouse operations using barcode scanners or mobile devices that support barcode scanning.

Select and pack items for a specific shipment.

Process the picking of shipments in a short time.

Handling picking of shipments within a batch is more intensive compared to bulk picking.

Receives items based on purchase receipts identified in the system and transfers the received items to a storage location.

Release items from a supply.

Move items in the warehouse efficiently.

Receive goods and enter goods in the warehouse.

Count the number of items in the physical inventory.

You can configure the workflow for each group of related activities to correspond to your company’s business processes. For example, for shipping items, you can configure a workflow so that Acumatica users can use Pick mode, Pack mode, or Send mode, or they can use these modes in any combination.

Picking, Packing and Shipping

As mentioned, the picking, packing and shipping processes can be automated using the Acumatica WMS and barcode scanner or mobile device with scanning capabilities. Here’s a high-level review of Acumatica’s advanced inventory execution features for picking, packing, and shipping:


– Create pick lists and packing slips

– Use barcodes to speed up the picking process

– The barcode on the pick list prevents the selection of items that are not in the order


– Provide enough package size and packing material to ensure safe transportation

– Barcode and batch or serial number support for accurate order completion

– Easily fix errors in quantity, weight, items, etc.

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– Integration with digital scales and printers to automatically weigh and print labels and packing slips


– Select shipping providers: UPS, USPS and FedEx, as well as international carriers with ShipEngine .

– Guaranteed prompt delivery through your preferred carrier

– Automatically generate shipment labels

– Set up automatic tracking on all shipments

– Inform customers about delivery progress through each stage of order fulfillment.

Why should you choose Acumatica – The Most Advanced Warehouse Inventory Management Software?

Why should you choose Acumatica - The Most Advanced Warehouse Inventory Management Software
Why should you choose Acumatica – The Most Advanced Warehouse Inventory Management Software

Distribution management helps with distribution inventory and assists companies in managing their supply chain and logistics operations. Includes warehouse management, inventory management and order management (sale and purchase orders). It integrates these activities with the company’s finance and sales.

Wholesale distribution software can help companies improve customer satisfaction, reduce order time, and control costs across the entire supply and distribution chain. Streamline buying and selling transactions between companies by automatically creating orders in one company from orders in another in the same tenant.

Also includes Sales Order Management, Advanced Inventory, Acquisition Management, Purchase Order Management and Advanced Finance. It is fully integrated with Acumatica’s Warehouse Management Systems (Acumatica WMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Manufacturing, Field Service and Project Accounting. Information only needs to be entered once to be visible across all modules and the entire business organization.

Every business needs a warehouse management system as well as its information and data. So hopefully the article Acumatica – The Most Advanced Warehouse Inventory Management Software will provide useful information for you.

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