Apple’s Subsequent Mac Mini Refresh: Every little thing We Know

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Apple is working on updated versions of the Mac mini, and at least one of the ‌Mac mini‌ machines in the works is likely to replace the Intel version of the ‌Mac mini‌ that Apple is still selling today. Apple replaced the entry-level ‌Mac mini‌ with an M1 version in 2020, and the company is nearly ready for a refresh of the ‌Mac mini‌ line.

m1 mac mini screen
In March 2022, Apple introduced the Mac Studio, which is a hybrid between the ‌Mac mini‌ and the Mac Pro, but the continued existence of Intel models and rumors of a refresh suggest that the ‌Mac mini‌ is not being phased out of Apple’s product lineup. This guide includes everything that we know about the ‌Mac mini‌ refresh.


Rumors suggest that Apple might tweak the design of the next-generation ‌Mac mini‌, but we don’t know exactly what it will look like just yet.

m1 mac mini vignette
Leaker Jon Prosser, who has somewhat of a mixed track record when it comes to predicting Apple’s plans, provided details on what he believes the new ‌Mac mini‌ will look like. He says the new ‌Mac mini‌ will have a plexiglass-like top that will sit over the aluminum enclosure, and that the overall size could be smaller than the current ‌Mac mini‌.

m1 mac mini vignette
Prosser provided renders, but it’s worth noting that this design is not quite accurate when it comes to port layout because there would not be so little space between USB-C ports.

Though some rumors have indicated the next-generation version of the ‌Mac mini‌ will see a redesign, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo does not believe that Apple will make design updates to the machine. Kuo said it is likely to continue to use the same form factor as the current model.

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The ‌Mac mini‌ could feature a two-tone design instead of one single color, and it could potentially come in colors other than space gray or silver, much like the 24-inch iMac. Color options have not yet been confirmed, so Apple could just stick to the standard ‌Mac mini‌ shades.


Apple’s new ‌Mac mini‌ is said to be equipped with four Thunderbolt ports, two USB-A ports, an Ethernet port, and an HDMI port, along with the same magnetic charging cable used for the 24-inch ‌iMac‌.

Apple Silicon Chips

According to ‘s Mark Gurman, Apple is developing new ‌Mac mini‌ models with M2 and ‌M2‌ Pro chips. The ‌M2‌ chip features an 8-core CPU and up to a 10-core GPU, and the ‌M2‌ Pro will be even more powerful.

Launch Date

The next ‌Mac mini‌ is expected to launch at some point in 2023, likely early in the year. ‘s Mark Gurman initially said that the ‌Mac mini‌ could be refreshed in 2022, but he later said that Apple has decided to wait until 2023 for to introduce new Macs. Apple analyst ‌Ming-Chi Kuo‌ has also said that Apple won’t release an updated model until 2023.

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