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Create Calendar Occasions on Your Apple Watch

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With the release of watchOS 9, Apple introduced a range of quality of life improvements for Apple Watch, one of which is the ability to create Calendar events right on your wrist. Keep reading to learn how.

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In watchOS 8 and earlier versions, the Calendar app on Apple Watch limited you to viewing events you’ve scheduled or been invited to in the past six weeks and for the next two years (in List and Day view), but there was no obvious way to create an event.

That’s all changed in ‌watchOS 9‌, because now you can create events right on your watch, and they will be automatically synced to your iPhone.

How to Create a Calendar Event on Apple Watch

Method 1: Siri

There are two ways to create events on Apple Watch. You can use Siri (press and hold the Digital Crown), and say something like “Create a calendar event titled lunch with Dad for October 31 at 1 p.m.

Method 2: Use the Calendar App

The other way is to open the Calendar app on your Apple Watch.

  1. When viewing events in Up Next, Day, or List view, tap the ellipsis (three dots) button.
  2. Tap New Event.
  3. Add event details such as title, description, date and time, and invitees.
  4. Choose the calendar you want to add the event to, then tap Add.


How to Delete a Calendar Event

To delete and event you created, tap the event, tap Delete, then tap Delete again. If it’s a recurring event, you can delete this event only, or all future events. Note that to change an event, you need to use the Calendar app on your ‌iPhone‌.

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