Meet the 12 startups within the latest Techstars Seattle class

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Techstars Seattle on Monday unveiled the startups participating in its latest cohort, as another round of companies gets ready to go through the accelerator program.

Marius Ciocirlan, who just took over as managing director of Techstars Seattle, described the 2022 group — the 14th class — as “frighteningly great companies.”

“Founders in this year’s class will deliver new solutions in AR, agriculture, insurance, health, enterprise SaaS and community building,” he wrote in a blog post. “These pioneering ideas will be led by a diverse set of founders, and we are pleased to announce that we’ve achieved gender parity at the CEO level for the third year in a row.”

Techstars expanded to Seattle in 2010, and since then 132 companies have gone through the program. They have collectively raised more than $2.5 billion in private capital since graduating. The 2011 class alone produced three unicorns.

The latest class will be hybrid — companies will be in Seattle for the first and last weeks of the program.

Ciocirlan replaced Isaac Kato, who stepped down this year. He co-founded ShareGrid, a marketplace for filmmakers and photographers to rent and sell their equipment. The Seattle startup was acquired by Backstage last year.

Here’s a look at the companies in the 14th class:


Pitch: “The quickest way to build AI based applications.”

Founders: Amandeep Singh, Ramakant Yadav

Location: New York City


Pitch: “dealpad enables software sales teams to build deep partnerships with their buyers & get more deals closed using personalized buying spaces & Mutual Action Plans.”

Founder: Adam Baker, Kim di Centa

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Location: New York City


Pitch: “An online B2B flower marketplace connecting suppliers with local farmers.”

Founder: Hannah Brannan

Location: San Francisco, Calif.

Indoor Collective

Pitch: “Immersive mobile app that connects your physical rowing machine to train and race by yourself or with friends.”

Founder: Adrienne Humblet, Catherine Humblet

Location: Seattle


Pitch: “Koala enables pet insurance companies to reduce the number and cost of claims through an AI-driven underwriting process and the early detection of health issues.”

Founder: Ariella Chorn, Kobi Schonberger

Location: Israel


Pitch: “3D, visual, and unified data management platform that connects any map-locatable device for enhancing operators’ situational awareness and decision-making using XR tools.”

Founder: Gal Dalali, Almog Avitan

Location: Israel


Pitch: “A global community and vetted marketplace for menopause.”

Founder: Laura Crain

Location: New York City


Pitch: “Messaging and community platform for content creators to engage fans via SMS.”

Founder: Caleb John, Jamari Morrison

Location: Seattle

Silico Data Services

Pitch: “We help get medicines to patients faster by digitizing and automating pharma quality assurance.”

Founder: Hiep Luong, Jason Cheong, Rohit Kumar

Location: San Francisco


Pitch: “Knowledge discovery and navigation platform for lawyers.”

Founder: Julie Saltman, Joell Stocchero, Stephen Sokla

Location: Washington D.C.


Pitch: “Localized service marketplace starting with towing and automotive repair services..”

Founder: Irshaad Ahmed, Sajid Khan

Location: San Jose


Pitch: “Software helping people take control of their digital devices to have more time for what matters.”

Founder: Caroline Cadwell, Tim Smits, Jorn Rigter

Location: Netherlands

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